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Imalent Flashlight Accessories

IMALENT's powerful flashlights are the pinnacle of the industry, and matching accessories can better meet your needs.

Torch accessories include chargers, batteries, torch cases, torch bags, service parts, and cooling cases made for the MS08 / RS50. You can purchase spare batteries to extend the life of your Flashlight or purchase glass tips to replace broken ones.

Most of the smaller Imalent flashlights use magnetic chargers; chargers come in different sizes, make sure you get a suitable cable for your Flashlight!

Please choose the appropriate battery type if you want two spare batteries for your Flashlight. While flashlights such as the MS12 Mini, MR90, and SR16can use the same battery pack, you cannot install an MS18 battery pack on any of them. MS03 and MS06 also use different batteries; the MS03 battery has a Type C charging door, while the MS06 battery is sealed and can only be charged in a flashlight.

The heat sink is specially designed for MS08 and RS50; you cannot install other flashlights.

I hope you enjoy using Imalent Flashlight!