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  • The world's brightest flashlight, up to 120,000 lumens;

  • The longest beam reaches a distance of 2080 meters;

  • SR32 flashlight use American CREE XHP50.3 Hi LED;

  • IP-56 waterproof level;

  • Fully charged in 1.5 hours and lasts up to 360 hours

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The SR32 will be the world's brightest flashlight in 2023, reaching 120,000 lumens.

Imalent SR32
imalent sr32
imalent SR32
imalent SR32  flashlight
imalent SR32  flashlight
imalent SR32  flashlight
imalent sr32
imalent sr32
imalent sr32

IMALENT SR32 it is the brightest flashlight in the world.120,000 lumens illuminate the dark, and the maximum beam distance of SR32 is 2080 meters. The flashlight has 1090,000 candelas. If you're looking for the brightest flashlight, look at the IMALENT SR32.

The IMALENT SR32 is known as the brightest flashlight in the world. SR32 flashlight adopts American CREE XHP50.3 Hi LED. Its service life reaches 50,000 hours. The beam of the IMALENT SR32 has a good balance between beam angle and beam distance, casting a significant and far beam.

Once you experience the true power of the SR32's 120,000 lumens, you'll understand why it's the best flashlight for chasing the darkness. Owning the IMALENT SR32 will surely help you overcome your fear of the dark. There's no darkness anywhere around you when you have the IMALENT SR32.

IMALENT SR32 is not only the brightest flashlight in the world, but its throwing distance is as high as 2080 meters. The IMALENT SR32 is ideal for outdoor activities such as everyday use, first responder operations, and hunting. IMALENT SR32 has a waterproof rating of IP56 and is drop-resistant to 0.5 meters. It's the perfect all-weather and all-terrain flashlight.

The IMALENT SR32 has a newly designed cooling system. It provides excellent cooling and is optimized for noise reduction. This allows the IMALENT SR32 to maintain high lumen output for hours. The Quick Charge 3200 mAh Type-C battery pack uses 8 AA 21700 lithium-ion batteries and can be fully charged in 90 minutes. It also supports two-way charging, so the SR32 battery pack can also be used to charge the phone.

The IMALENT SR32 has 6 different brightness modes, from 2 lumens up to 120,000 lumens, and a tactical strobe mode. The OLED multi-function screen displays current lumen output and other information such as battery voltage, current lumens, and an overheat warning icon.

IMALENT SR32 comes in a high-quality gift box, and you can easily hold SR32 with one hand. The package also includes a shoulder strap and lanyard as optional carrying options. You'll find a 100W PD charger in the box that fully charges the flashlight in just 90 minutes.

The IMALENT SR32 is the most powerful flashlight for every situation; if you want the brightest, most potent, and highest-quality flashlight, check out the IMALENT SR32.

  • Adopt American 32LED CREE XHP50.3 Hi LED.

  • PD 100W Type-C charging speed is superior.

  • The built-in thermostat will adjust the output brightness according to the working status and external temperature.

  • Detachable handle, side switch design, easy to operate.

  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard anodized surface treatment

  • IP56 waterproof grade

  • It reaches 120,000 lumens and has a service life of up to 50,000 hours.

  • High-capacity rechargeable battery pack with power bank function

  • Efficient constant current circuit, the brightness remains constant. 

  • Newly designed active cooling system, fan speed up to 10,500rpm, innovative cooling design

  • SMO aluminum reflector

  • 0.5m impact resistance

metal handle IMALENT

metal handle

Easy to hold and keep fingers away from heat.

built-in fan IMALENT

built-in fan

Better heat dissipation and excellent noise reduction.


Lanyard, shoulder strap hole

Comes with a lanyard or shoulder strap for easy portability.


battery protection

It prevents the battery from accidentally shutting down during transport.


side switch button

Easy access to every lighting mode.


Power button

A way to access different lighting modes.


OLED screen

It always reflects the state of the flashlight.


battery indicator light

Indicates the current status of the battery pack.

Sights used IMALENT SR32.

It is a very powerful flashlight that can be used in many fields.

  • Large field of view monitoring

  • Search and rescue mission

  • Remote beam for emergency use

  • Essential Tools for First Responders

  • police chase

    Long-lasting alternative light sources

  • Cinematic lighting for indoor 

    and outdoor scenes

  • night fishing lights

  • against theft

  • night shift security

  • photography lighting


The only difference between IMALENT SR32 and IMALENT SR32W is the color of the light.

distance and lumens remain unchanged


Turn on/off the flashlight

When using the IMALENT SR32 flashlight for the first time, please remove the rechargeable battery protection sheet between the flashlight head and the large-capacity battery pack, tighten it firmly, and lightly press the power switch button (side switch or main switch) once to turn on and off the flashlight SR32. Release the power key when the desired brightness level is reached.

normal light mode

With the torch on, press and hold the power switch, which will cycle from 2-50,000 lumens. Releasing the power switch button will remember the desired output level.

It comes with a light mode

120,000 Lumens Turbo Mode and Strobe: Double-clicking the power switch button in any mode will activate 120,000 lumens turbo output, and double-clicking a key again will enter strobe; just press the switch to exit both modes (Turbo and Strobe when the battery pack is less than 14V)

low battery warning

When the light is on but the battery efficiency is low, a battery symbol that flashes eight times per minute will appear on the OLED screen, prompting the user that the battery needs to be charged with a 100W Type-C PD charger or the battery pack needs to be replaced.

Intelligent thermal control

When using the high output mode of the IMALENT SR32, the lamp generates much heat. When the internal temperature of the light reaches 55°C, it will automatically reduce the lumen mode to ensure the comfort of using the lamp. When the temperature is 65°C, the turbo mode of IMALENT SR32 will be temporarily deactivated.

Turn the cooling fan on and off

1. When the light is turned on, the cooling fan will automatically turn on when the output reaches 4200 lumens or a higher output level.

2. When the flashlight is off, press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on and off the cooling fan to cool down the flashlight.

memory function

This powerful flashlight remembers preset brightness levels. When you turn on the flashlight again, it will retain the brightness before it was turned off(. Moonlight mode will place, but turbo and brightest mode will not ).

Lock and unlock function

When the SR32 light is off, quickly press the power switch button 4 times, and the indicator light will flash three times, indicating that the light is off. Then press the switch button four times to unlock it, then it can usually work.

Product CodeSR32
LED Type32 pieces of American CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs
Batteries RequiredBattery pack(21700-4000mAh*8)
Luminous FluxUp To 120000 Lumens
Run TimeUp To 360 h
Intensity1090000cd (Max.)
Distance2080m (Max.)
Operating Modes

Turbo / High / Mid-High / Mid-Low / Low /Ultra-Low/ Moonlight Mode /

Output and Runtime

Turbo output : 120,000~25000 Lumens;Run-time : 45s+45min

High output : 50,000-25000 Lumens;Run-time : 60s+50min

Mid-High output: 25000 Lumens ; Run-time :55min

Mid-Low output: 9000 Lumens; Run-time: 2h

Low output : 4500 Lumens;Run-time : 4h25min

Ultra-Low : 1500 Lumens;Run-time : 15h

Moonlight output : 30 Lumens;Run-time : 360h


220mm(length)*138mm(head diameter)*56mm(body diameter)


2166g(battery included)

Impact Resistance0.5m
WaterproofIP-56 standard waterproof 

PD100 W Charger, O-rings, lanyard , Shoulder strap, User manual

imalent sr32
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