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     ?Now, a new flashlight  is about to emerge. MS18 and SR32 which one to choose

MS18 SR32
 Imalent SR32: spotlight flashlight  、120,000 lumen output                                                                                            Imalent MS18 : floodlight flashlight 、 100,000 lumen output

When it comes to flashlights, IMALENT is synonymous with power and brightness, and the company has been committed to creating a quality flashlight brand. The company recently released its latest and most powerful flashlight, the Imalent SR32. If you are lookingforthe brightest flashlight, these two flashlights may be your best choices. But which one is right for you? Let's take a closer look and compare the features of the SR32 and MS18.


The Imalent SR32 has 32 CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs that produce a maximum lumen output of 120,000 lumens. The MS18 features 18 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs with a maximum lumen output of 100,000 lumens. As a result, the SR32 is brighter and ideal for long-distance lighting, while the MS18 provides a wider beam for lighting large areas

 Luminous Intensity 

The luminous intensity of SR32 is 109,2000 cd and that of MS18 is 458,000 cd. This means that SR32 produces a more focused beam than .MS18 and can reach greater distances


SR32 has more LEDs than MS18, SR32 has 32 CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs, MS18 has 18 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs. The XHP70.2 LED is slightly larger than the XHP50.3 bead and produces a higher 4,022 lumen output at amperage, while the XHP50.3 Hi is smaller and only produces 2,546 lumens at amperage, but the XHP50.3 is on par with the XHP70.2 LED Compared with Hi LED, it has the advantages of higher luminous intensity and longer throw distance


The SR32 uses an SMO reflector and the MS18 uses an OP reflector. The SMO reflector in the SR32 is designed for long distance lighting, while the OP reflector in the MS18 is designed for wider beam angles

Battery Life

The SR32's battery pack contains 8 Samsung 40T 21700 lithium-ion batteries and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours, while the MS18's battery pack contains 8 21700 batteries and can be fully charged in 4 hours. This accounts for the faster charging time of the SR32, which can be helpful in situations where the flashlight is overused

SR32 can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones, MS18 does not have this function. The SR32 also features a metal handle that increases its portability and keeps your hand away from the heat generated by the flashlight during high lumen use.

Size and Weight

Both flashlights are heavy duty, with the SR32 being slightly longer and heavier than the MS18. SR32 weighs 2.3 KG and MS18 weighs 1.9 KG.


The Imalent SR32 and MS18 are both powerful high-end flashlights, there are some differences between them, but that doesn't detract from their quality. If you need a flashlight with long-distance lighting and fast charging, the SR32 is the better choice. However, if you prefer a wider beam angle and a lighter flashlight, the MS18 may be more suitable for you. Ultimately, the choice between these two flashlights comes down to your specific needs and preferences.